Wine Cooler Reviews

wine cooler reviews

wine cooler reviews

Wine is something which is loved by huge numbers of people all over the world. Some individuals enjoy using a glass associated with wine along with dinner or maybe relaxing by using it at bed time but others benefit from the entire encounter that wines brings towards the table.

If you’re somebody who loves wines and likes having this frequently, you most likely have considered investing in a cooler which supports to maintain it in the right heat. Here tend to be some points to consider in your own wine cooler reviews which will help you make the best decision.

Why Should I Buy A Wine Cooler?

  • Good quality wine can be defined by three major factors – the look, the aroma and the flavour/taste;
  • The balanced, harmonious, complete, complex and subtle taste is perfectly complemented by the fruity, floral, herbal, spicy and leafy aromas. Wine barrel aromas like chocolate, roasted nuts, vanilla, toast, caramel, espresso etc only enhance that sublime feeling that we get from sipping the wine. And those deep dark hues add so much personality to the wine
  • And the personality of the wine can only be understood and appreciated if it is stored under the right temperature conditions;
  • ​Storing wine is cellars or having such huge collections of wines is not feasible for most people;
  • ​Most of us prefer buying ‘ready to drink’ wines rather than wait for years to sip mature wine;
  • Extremely high quality ‘Ready to drink’ wines are available in the market and they are pretty expensive;
  • So, having invested good money on buying great wine, we need to preserve them in the right atmosphere so that we can sip it at leisure - everyday;
  • A wine cooler therefore is the best option for our small, eclectic collection of our favourite wines.

Wine Cooler Reviews | The Single Zone Versus Dual Zone Wine Cooler Debate

A Single Zone Wine Cooler


Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Single Zone

  • Is for people who prefer to drink mostly reds or mostly whites;
  • Maintains a uniform temperature and is best suited for cooling a particular kind of wine perfectly;
  • Is much cheaper than a dual zone wine cooler;
  • It is the best option for people with a small collection who have just started taking a keen interest in wine;
  • Is for wine beginners who are yet to fully understand the finer nuances of different wines and the art of preserving wine;
  • Is ideal for people who only want to store their wine collection – not serve them at the appropriate temperatures.

A Dual Zone Wine Cooler


EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone

  • Is for people who collect, store, cool and drink both red and white wines;
  • Is for those wine aficionados who are fairly knowledgeable about the different kinds of wines and how best to store them;
  • Is for wine lovers who know that BOTH reds and whites need to be housed at different but constant cool temperatures;
  • Is more expensive than a single zone wine cooler;
  • Is a good investment to maintain the quality of your expensive, eclectic collection of wines;
  • Is the best option if you want to store and/or serve your wines at the right temperatures.

Types of Wine Coolers (Dos and Don't)

  • Freestanding Wine Coolers
  • Built In
  • Counter Top


  • Do check out the different sizes of these free standing units. You can buy one according to your individual storage needs;
  • Do check out the single or dual temperature zones of free standing wine coolers. They are equipped with additional features like auto defrost and a safety lock. (These features may not be available in other models;
  • Do place these coolers anywhere in the house. You can keep it in the basement if you want to take advantage of the cooler atmosphere or display it prominently in your dining room – the choice is yours because you can move it around the house;
  • Do ensure free circulation of air on all sides for free standing wine coolers. They have been designed to add to the aesthetic appeal of the room and are not meant for enclosed areas;
  • Do ensure that there is an electrical outlet near your freestanding wine cooler.


  • Don't put your freestanding wine cooler unit in any built in enclosed area. A freestanding unit requires a minimum of 2 – 4” of space on all sides to avoid overheating. If you place it against a wall or a cabinet, the compressor will get overheated and this may affect the internal temperature of the wine cooler – directly affecting the quality of the wine bottles.

Wine Cooler Temperature Zones

  • Single Zone
  • Dual/Triple Zone Wine Coolers


  • Do have one thermostat control which regulates the temperature of the entire unit;
  • Do go in for these wine coolers if you drink mostly red or mostly white wines;
  • Do store the reds on the upper shelves of the wine cooler and the whites on the lower racks in case you have an assortment of both wines. (The temperature in the upper racks is often 5- 8 degrees warmer.

Why Should I Store My Wine In A Wine Cooler?

  • Most ‘ready to drink’ wines have a shelf life of 8 – 12 months provided they are taken care of properly;
  • Wine should always be kept away from direct sunlight;
  • Ideally wine should always be stored at a temperature ranging between 4°C and 18° ( 40°F - 65°F);
  • Frequent temperature fluctuations of more than 2 – 3°C (5°F) will affect the quality of the wine;
  • Relative humidity levels of more than 50 % also have an impact on the quality of the wine;
  • Ideally a basement will take care of all these parameters. Unfortunately most of us do not have a basement;
  • So, a wine cooler is the best option if you want to store all your wines for extended periods of time without ruining the quality.

A wine cooler will help you savour and sip your wine every day. Without a wine cooler, your wine will spoil very quickly. So, you may have to use up the contents immediately or invite a lot of people to share your wine with you! 🙂

And, just to remind you again – the rat race seems almost worth the effort if we have some divine, intoxicating, non alcoholic beverages like wine to unwind with every day!

Hmmmm….think about it! Isn’t a wine cooler well worth the investment to preserve your favourite wine? We strongly recommend that you read all our wine cooler reviews before you make your final decision.

Our reviews are totally non biased and will give you all the details that you are looking for. We really hope they are helpful to you. Who knows? Perhaps you may even end up buying one! 🙂

How To Buy The Best Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is something we cannot do without if we want to store our eclectic collection of wines properly. Most wine coolers look like refrigerators and are specially designed for storing wine at the right temperature. It is so convenient and practical to have one in our house because they are equipped with wine racks, look elegant and we are able to serve the right wine at the right temperature at moment’s notice!

There are several kinds of wine coolers in the market and all of them have been designed to cater to differing needs of the different people. Here are some guidelines that will help you select the right wine cooler according to your needs. You will find all these models on

We strongly recommend that you read all the reviews and the suggestions before taking your final decision.

  • Enhance your awareness by reading the details of various kinds of wine coolers that are currently available in the market. ( See details above);
  • Read all details of all the products that are listed below;
  • Select one that matches all your requirements;
  • Read all the reviews to ensure that your decision is right;
  • Type the descriptive terms or the model name in the search box of the Amazon home page;
  • Browse through all the wine coolers and read all the listings if you want to double check your decision;
  • Check out whether they have a return and refund policy in case the product does not turn out to be what you wanted;
  • Make enquiries by connecting directly to the seller by clicking on the link provided;
  • Review the seller’s background, reputation and reliability by reading the feedback of the previous customers;
  • Place your order;
  • After receiving and using your wine cooler, you can rate the seller accordingly and the seller will respond with his feedback.

Where To Buy The Best Wine Coolers

  • Most wine coolers are easily available in the kitchen and home goods departments of reputed brick and mortal retail outlets;
  • Wine coolers are also available with shops that sell wines or wine accessories;
  • Wine coolers can also be bought online through the official website of these reputed retailers and wine sellers;
  • Wine coolers can also be bought from the official sites of the manufacturers;
  • Wine coolers can also be bought at and eBay.

General Guidelines

  • Wine coolers are ideal for people who drink wine on a regular basis because they can stock their supply of wine in the wine cooler at the correct temperature;
  • Always buy a wine cooler keeping your budget in mind;
  • Wine coolers are available in all sizes and you can store 12 – 150 bottles in it! So ensure that you buy one that matches your requirements;
  • Wine coolers are not wine cellars – they simply store the wine and are not suited for ageing your wines. So refrain from stocking your wine for more than 5 years in a wine cooler;
  • Always buy a wine cooler which can store at least half a dozen more bottles than your current requirements. You may end up stocking up more bottles of different kinds of wines as soon as you buy a wine cooler 🙂 !

Wine Cooler Mechanism

Users need to be aware of the difference between a compressor based wine cooler and a thermo electric wine cooler before they finally decide on a wine cooler of their choice.

  • Thermo electric
  • Compressor based technology

Thermoelectric wine coolers: Cool the interior of the wine coolers and dissipates the heat to the surrounding areas.

  • Do consume less electricity;
  • Do produce less noise compared to compressor based wine coolers;
  • Do go in for a thermoelectric wine cooler if you can maintain a cool room temperature around your wine cooler or live in locations where the temperatures are mostly cool throughout the year;
  • Do go in for thermoelectric wine coolers if you have a small collection of wines.
  • Don’t produce very low cooling temperatures. Most thermoelectric wine coolers are cooler by only 20 degrees Fahrenheit compared to the surrounding temperatures.

Additional features

  • Do look for adjustable shelves if you plan to store champagne in your wine cooler. The size of a champagne bottle differs from the size of a wine bottle;
  • Do ensure that your wine cooler has a double pane glass door. This will boost the thermal insulation and lower the energy consumption of the cooler apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room;
  • Do check if your wine cooler is equipped with doors that filter out UV rays. Solid doors do block out all the UV rays completely, but glass doors need to be equipped with UV protection in order to protect the quality of the wine inside the cooler.

Key Differences Between A Wine Cooler And A Refrigerator

“Do I really need to buy a wine cooler? I already have a refrigerator!” is a question that will immediately pop up in your mind when you hear someone discussing their wine cooler. Well, before you understand the difference between a wine cooler and a refrigerator – a little awareness about wine and wine coolers will help create a clearer picture in your mind.

  • Wine Enemies
  • Wine friends

A couple of wine enemies that really antagonize this awesome personality are

  • Vertical position: Wine bottles should always be stored in a horizontal position. This allows the sediment to settle down and preserves the quality of the wine. This position also keeps the cork moist and helps maintain the quality of the wine;
  • Vibrations: Wine bottles will mature at a natural pace if they are not frequently disturbed or agitated by the vibrations of noisy machines around it.

The Difference Between A Wine Cooler And A Regular Refrigerator

  • We open and close the doors of our refrigerators umpteen times a day and this creates big fluctuations in temperatures – Wine enemy;
  • Refrigerators use compressors to maintain the cold temperatures and these compressors create constant vibrations – Wine enemy;
  • A refrigerator has been designed to create a cold and dry atmosphere so that we can preserve several perishables at the same time for long periods of time. The medley of aromas will seep into your wine and the dryness of the refrigerator will dry out your cork ruining your wine. – Wine enemy;
  • Compressor operated wine cooler models and thermoelectric wine coolers are specially designed to absorb all the vibrations and reduce the impact of noise and tremors thus allowing your wine to mature slowly and perfectly. – Wine friend;
  • Good quality wine needs BOTH constant COOL (not cold) temperatures AND the right level of humidity. A wine cooler is designed keeping these two prime factors in mind. – Wine friend;
  • Wine bottles can be stores horizontally in wine coolers allowing the sediments to settle down and this helps preserve and age the bottle of wine naturally. – Wine friend.

While we simply cannot imagine a day without our refrigerators, it is much too noisy, cold and dry for storing and preserving our wines. Wine coolers are designed especially for storing, cooling, preserving your wines so that your wines mature slowly and perfectly.

Hmmm….think about it. Doesn’t expensive wine deserve to be well looked after? This awesome personality of wine deserves a perfect wine cooler as its home.

How Noise Affects The Quality Of Your Wine

Noise, like vibrations is a wine enemy. Noise is actually just another version of sound vibrations. Traffic on roads, trains on railway lines, machines like refrigerators, dishwashers will agitate the sediment in the wine bottle and disturb it.
The flavour, aroma and the finer nuances of wine evolve slowly with age when the chemical reactions inside the wine bottle take place naturally. When the wine is constantly disturbed by noise, vibrations or strong direct sunlight the chemical reactions are speeded up ruining and distorting all the aspects of wine in the bottle.
Once you buy a bottle of wine, do ensure that it is resting in a horizontal position at a constant cool temperature, at the right humidity, away from direct sunlight/heat, away from noisy machines and rooms. Allow a wine to rest under these ideal conditions and you will be able to identify the unique personality of the wine that you are sipping!

The Wine And Temperature Relationship

Temperature is the most crucial element that you have to factor in whether you want to store your wines or serve your wines perfectly. Here are a few quick tips to help you understand your wine coolers and your wines better.

  • Keep your wines at a constant cool temperature of around 55°F;
  • Eliminate or minimize temperature variations;
  • Consider UV tinted glass paned doors for wine coolers to minimize the disturbances created by light;
  • Keep your wine cooler in a cool, dark area of the house;
  • Consider buying a wine cooler which has a humidity control feature (Ideal humidity levels = 50% - 80%);
  • Store reds at a temperature range of 60°F – 65°;
  • Red wines can be served at room temperature. Check the temperature of your room too! 🙂
  • White wines should be stored between 45°F – 50°;
  • Avoid storing your whites in a refrigerator. It has a temperature of around 35°F – which is TOO cold to maintain your whites;
  • White wines need to be served chilled;
  • Roses require the same treatment as whites;
  • However, sparkling whites or ice whites need a temperature which is lower than 45°.

Note: We all have our individual preferences but serving the right wine at the right temperature is no less than an art in itself. We hope our guidelines helped you to identify the personality of the wine.

Knowing and experimenting with different wines is a real fun game. Let the looks of this nectar, the finer nuances in flavour and the aroma take over now!

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